After a friend suggested that Jodi try showing her illustrations at a show, what was once a hobby became Jodi Lynn’s full-time career. Jodi works out of her home studio in Oak Park MI, and for the past 10 years has been working as an illustrator. Her work can be found in many artist shops, schools, and homes around the world. Her passion for learning has inspired her to create work based around educational themes. She believes that “Creativity is something that we are all born with, but as we get older and our lessons get bigger, too often our creativity gets smaller.” As an illustrator, she feels compelled to share her illustrations to help creativity live on in minds of adults and children alike.

Her love for learning and sharing has also poured over into a passion project she calls Detroit Craft Academy. DCA is a podcast dedicated to interviewing makers, creators, and DIY small business owners about what they do. During the show Jodi encourages makers to share their struggles and talk about what it is really like to run a business.